Micah Lambeth

Dream Job: Beauty Entrepreneur

Find me at:
2525 Grey Paw Ct. Raleigh, NC 27603
Email me at: mllambet@ncsu.edu

Career Goals

I aspire to be fulfilled. For this to happen, I would like to work in the beauty sphere as more than an intern getting coffee. I want to make the world more beautiful, which means making people feel people and making spaces attractive through design. In a perfect world, I would become a beauty editor when I graduate and climb the ladder until I can form my own brand. I want to make something that makes the world a happier and healthier place to be.


Work Experience

Time Name Location Position Title Responsibilities Contact Info
August 2019-Present Warby Parker Raleigh, NC Sales Advisor -Style each customer in a frame that fits their personality, lifestyle, and prescription -Collaborate with opticians to ensure the best fit and troubleshoot any prescription issues the customer may be facing -Continue education through Warby Parker's programs to stay up-to-date on recent launches, changes in the optical world, and how to give the greatest possible services Amanda Mikell: Phone number available upon request
January 2019-November 2019 AILLEA Raleigh, NC Retail Associate -Encourage shoppers to clean their routines from parabens, artificial fragrances, etc. to help them lead a healthier lifestyle -Host spa parties to educate customers on products and ingredients and boost sales -Produce promotional materials to inform customers about different events, products, and ingredients Lindsay Strausbaugh: Phone number available upon request
August 2017-July 2019 Ruffalo Noel Levitz Raleigh, NC Student Fundraiser -Raise funds for NC State University from donors including: alumni, parents, and friends -Over $192,000 raised and fulfilled as of June 2019 -Build rapport with donors by discussing their experiences in the effort to increase annual giving Brittany Smith: Phone number available upon request
March 2018-December 2018 Belk Raleigh, NC Sales Associate -Collaborate with a diverse group of coworkers to meet our sales goals -Interact with and service customers to create an effective beauty routine -Regularly apply skincare and makeup products to drive sales -Foster relationships with customers to promote the act of self-care Thom Parrish: Phone number available upon request
October 2015-August 2016 YMCA Thomasville, NC Lifeguard -Maintained a clean pool area and monitored water by reviewing chemical levels -Guarded patrons’ safety and managed emergency situations calmly and effectively Erin Frank: Phone number available upon request


Time School Location Major/Degree Earned Minor
August 2016-May 2020 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC BA English: Language, Writing, and Rhetoric Art Studies
August 2012-May 2016 East Davidson High School Thomasville, NC High School Diploma


Hobbies and Interests


Name Contact Information
Kate Vaught, former coworker Available upon request
Brian Eddinger, former teacher Available upon request
Andrew Katz, mentor Available upon request